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Efficient | Consistent | Safe

aircraft inspection

Manual aircraft inspections are time-consuming, inconsistent, and dangerous. Our drone-enabled solution makes aircraft inspections efficient, consistent, and safe.


Commercial and defense organizations use our solution to capture, inspect, and share aircraft inspection data more efficiently.


Increased Fleet Readiness
Improved inspection speed and safety.

Efficiently inspect, manage, and
track aircraft over time.




Advantages over manual inspection

Minimize Downtime

Complete inspections in a fraction of the time. Avoid an average of $10k an hour in lost earnings during unplanned aircraft time on ground.

Shared Standards

 Collect and store the data regardless of operator, time or location.  Conveniently share consistent, accessible results. 

Reduce Risk

Access and inspect hard to reach areas without lifts, PPE, or exposing staff to dangerous heights.

Advantages over drone-assisted inspection alternatives

Quick Setup

Save time and money on infrastructure setup.  Operates in GPS-Denied areas without any required infrastructure.

Precision You Can Trust

Autonomously fly pre-approved task-card flight paths. Capture complete data locked on to aircraft location and matched to data.

Fly With Confidence

Our solution is built on Near Earth Autonomy's decades of success pioneering reliable autonomous flight for real-world applications.

Autonomous aircraft inspection to safely collect, process, and harness inspection data insights.

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Learn More
Speak with an aircraft inspection expert about our solution and setting up a trial with your company.

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